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Allergies and Food Intolerances

Allergies and Food Intolerances

Allergies and Food intolerances are sensitivities to substances which usually do not cause any harm. The immune system views the allergen as if it was a dangerous infection releasing a surge of histamine. This can cause an array of symptoms some mild while others can be severe and last for periods of time. Allergies and intolerances can affect almost any part of the body and be caused by an ever increasing range of natural or artificial substances egg chemicals, airborne substances like dust mite, food and drink, animals, environmental, preservatives and additives. Allergies and intolerances can be the sole cause of illness or act as a trigger to existing conditions.

Signs and Symptoms • Insomnia, Candida, Aches and Pains, Flu like symptoms • Lowered immune system, Inflammation, Irritation • Mood Swings, Hormonal imbalances, Toxins • Irregular PH, Intestinal flora imbalance, Weight gain or loss • Skin (red, dry, itchy, spots, hives) • Nausea, Heartburn, Diarrhea, Constipation, IBS • Headache/Migraine • Chronic Fatigue, Exhaustion • Stomach pain, Acid Reflux • Nasal congestion or a runny nose • Sneezing, wheezing, coughing, etc.

Allergy Consultation and treatment The consultation and testing used are non-invasive and pain free. We incorporate Traditional Chinese medicine, bio-resonance, muscle testing and nutrition therapy. There are no needles involved. Results will be given after full consultation and test. We test for a variety of foods, chemicals, airborne substances, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the system. Depending on the diagnoses, a treatment plan will be advised for you. Any exclusion diet will be fully explained and include recommendations for alternative foods. All consultations are strictly private and by appointment only

Skin allergies The most common are dermatitis, eczema, urticarial (nettle rash/hives) and psoriasis. Symptoms can include itching, redness, pain, swelling, sores, pustules, rashes, and acne. Causes can include allergies to certain foods, drugs, perfumes, chemicals and animals, poor diet, stress, nutritional deficiencies and organ imbalances.

Eye and ear allergies Allergies can cause the eyes to water swell become sore red and irritated. The ears can also be affected causing itching internally and externally, fluid can also build up inside the ear causing pressure a ringing sensation and temporary deafness.

Respiratory allergies Some common nasal conditions which are caused or triggered by allergies include rhinitis, sinusitis and hay fever. Symptoms can include sneezing, nasal discharge, headache, stuffiness, flu like symptoms and congestion. Chest conditions can manifest with symptoms such as coughing with or without phlegm, susceptibility to colds and flu, sensitivity to drafts or chills Asthma attacks can be brought on by an allergic reaction to foods and airborne substances. Symptoms can include wheezing, shortness of breath, and difficulty in breathing, coughing and chest tightness.

Food allergies and food intolerances The list of symptoms of food allergies is endless they include digestive upset, skin rash, organ imbalances, delayed immune response, mouth sores, mood swings, toxin build up, weight gain or loss, stress, headache, poor absorption of nutrients and irritable bowel syndrome. Food allergies can upset the natural balance between good and bad bacteria leading to fungal infection. They can also interfere with the bodies’ natural ph. levels.

Candida and allergies Candida is one of the most frequent conditions seen in the western world. It often manifests itself as vaginal infection in women. Causes can include allergies, poor diet, stress, nutritional deficiencies, poor immune system and antibiotic use. Symptoms are wide and varied. For example, thrush, nail infections, gas, bloating, constant hunger, bad breath, anal itching, severe dandruff, itchy flaky scalp, toxic overload, digestive and bowel upset, weight gain / loss and poor concentration.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS affects many people. It manifests with severe pain, bloating, belching, stomach upset, constipation, diarrhoea, cramps, indigestion, spasm, anal itching, and frequent and urgent bowel motions. This condition can be very stressful, which in itself makes the condition worse. Causes can include food allergies and food intolerances, stress, nutritional deficiencies and organ imbalances.

PH Balance PH balance / acid balance can be altered by food allergies and equally allergies can be caused by over acidity resulting in disorders such as gout, aches and pains, indigestion, psoriasis, red itchy skin, cellulite, heartburn, constant fatigue and illness.

Organ Imbalances In Chinese medicine, allergies can cause disruption in the natural balance between yin and yang, smooth flow of Qi/energy and harmony amongst the organs. For example, disharmony of earth and wood (spleen and liver). Clinical indications of this may include indigestion with gas, cramping, nausea, constipation / diarrhoea, Premenstrual Syndrome with sore breasts, bloated abdomen, irritability and fatigue, headaches, mood swings, erratic appetite, irregular / painful periods, craving foods, cold hands and feet, unstable blood sugar and poor concentration. Other causes include stress low immune system infections poor diet and lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies. It is important to identify and treat these imbalances as soon as possible to avoid illness.

Stress and allergies Allergies can put huge stress on almost any part of the system. Equally stress, can interfere with the immune response, resulting in allergies. It is important to keep stress at manageable levels so that the system can function properly. A well balanced diet, regular aerobic exercise and continual water intake are essential to reduce stress. Just as there are certain foods and drinks which raise stress levels there are also an array of supper foods that help to de-stress. It is important to decrease stress inducing foods and increase de-stress foods.

Nutrition and allergies Over time if allergies are left untreated nutritional deficiencies will occur. To maintain good health it is important that we are getting adequate nutrition on a daily basis to support our lifestyle. Nutrition is required for all of the bodies systems and functions. It is important that we are eating the right foods, that these foods are being broken down properly, and that the nutrition from these foods is properly absorbed. Symptoms of deficiency or mal-absorption of nutrition are numerous and need to be identified and treated ASAP.



Are our Allergies getting worse?

According to this article our allergies are getting worse because of global warming. Have a read of this!

By Kristal Roberts


Runny Nose: Allergies, Cold, or Sinus Infection?

These are really good articles about allergies and sinus infections. At DAATC which is based in Dublin, Ireland we believe that sinus problems are very often related to food allergies. Once we have identified the foods causing the problem an exclusion diet can work wonders.

By Denise DeWitt,1


Sinus Surgery – Does it Work?

Sinus problems can be caused by exposure to allergens.  With long term exposure it can lead to sinusitis and even polyps, which in turn can obstruct the nasal passage.  This article discusses whether sinus surgery is effective or not.  In my personal experience, many patients would still suffer substantial symptoms after surgery.  Personally, I would prefer to identify the allergens and eliminate or reduce exposure to them.  I also firmly believe in nutritional support in the treatment of sinus problems.  Deficiency in certain minerals can leave a patient more prone to inflamation in the lining of the nose and mucus membranes.

But I did find this article an interesting read and certainly worth a look if you are considering sinus surgery.  It is by Linda Fugate PhD and I found it on EmpowHER.


Sinus Problems or Sinusitis

By Beverly Mc Govern Nutritional Advisor, Dip. Chinese Herbs, ITEC., IFR., Dip.Ac., Lic. Ac.,

What is it?

Sinusitis is inflamation of the nasal cavaties within the passages of the nose (Para nasal sinuses).  It is a very common condition that can affect people regularly throughout their lives.  Symptoms can include facial pain or pressure, blocked or runny nose, post nasal drip or phelgm in the throat, muzzy, cotton wool feeling in the head.  It commonly occurs when the enviromental pollens irritate the nasal passages for example with hay fever.  Other irritants or allergens can also trigger sinus problems such as dust mite, animal dander, food intolerances, aerosol sprays, perfumes, paints, etc.m  Sinusitis can also be caused by infrection, whether fungal, viral or bacterial.


How Does Chinese Medicine View Sinus Problems?

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees sinusitis as invasion of Wind-Heat or Damp-Heat, Deficiency of Spleen or Lung Qi (energy).  Chinese Herbs or Acupuncture may be used to expel or purge Heat, Wind or Dampness.  Usually these herbs will cause mucus to drain from the sinus and relieve pressure.  Herbal tonics or specific acupuncture points may be used to strengthen or tonify the lung or spleen energy.  In recurring sinusitis the aggravating allergen should ideally be removed.  So Allergy or Intolerance testing would be wise.

What Can Aggravate Sinus Problems?

Chinese Medicine believes that the Spleen does not like dampness and what have we in Ireland but a VERY damp climate.  Thus sinus problems are very common in Ireland.  Sinus problems relating to the Spleen Qi Defiency or invasion of dampness are usually worse in October/November or March/April seasons due to the fact that they are usually very damp months with lots of rain.  Humid days in the summer will also aggravate sinuses or equally travelling to humid countries.  Flying will effect the sinuses.  Pressure changes will effect the sinuses and can cause painful episodes in some cases.  Or travelling to areas of high altitude.  It is vitally important to look at the diet also.  Intolerance to certain foods will encourage the production of mucus.  Diet can reduce the amount of mucus in the sinus.

A Zinc Deficiency can also cause problems in the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract.  Exposure to air borne allergies such as dust mites, pollens, moulds, perfumes, aerosols, chemicals, animal dander, feathers, etc.

I would strongly recommend an Allergy/Intolerance Test to identify trigger factors, to correct the diet to account for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  A simple exclusion process after this test will often be the simplest course of action to identify and eliminate the causes.

If you would like to book an Allergy/Intolerance Test please contact us!


On your first visit a detailed assessment is carried out.  This includes, Chinese tongue pulse and facial diagnoses, past and current medical history, nutrition diet and lifestyle assessment, allergy/food intolerant test. Depending on the diagnoses, a treatment plan will then be advised for you. This may involve exclusion diet, acupuncture / needle free acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, breathing techniques, nutrition diet and lifestyle changes. Any exclusion diet will be fully explained and include recommendations for alternative foods.   All consultations are strictly private and by appointment only.

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