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Acupuncture and Gynaecology


Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can successfully treat numerous gynaecological conditions. The most common include:

Irregular periods, PMT, Polycystic Ovary PCOS, Infertility ( male and female ), Vaginal thrush (candidiasis), Habitual miscarriage, Menopause, Painful periods, Endometriosis, Morning sickness, Amenorrhea – absence of period, etc

The effect of acupuncture on polycystic ovarian syndrome:

25 patients were treated with acupuncture. Result 20 patients recovered regular menstruation. 10 of the 16 patients with sterility were able to become pregnant. Acupuncture can safely and effectively treat PCOS.

The effects of acupuncture on IVF and ICSI:

A randomised controlled clinical study on 225 patients was carried out. In group one 116 patients received acupuncture, while in group two 109 patients received a placebo. The pregnancy rates for IVF and ICSI in group one were double the rate of group two. Conclusion: Acupuncture can be of great benefit to IVF and ICSI.

Acupuncture and the management of dysmenorrhea pain/painful periods:

In a controlled test over a year, a group of women were split into 4 groups. Only group 1 were given acupuncture for dysmenorrhea pain. 90.9% of group 1 showed a reduction in pain. Conclusion: Acupuncture can help to reduce pain in primary dysmennorrhea.

Acupuncture and the management of the Menopause:

A study of 53 post menopausal women was performed. 27 were given reel acupuncture while the remainder, were given sham acupuncture. The sham group showed no significant improvements. The real acupuncture group showed a significant reduction in hot flushes and other annoying menopausal symptoms. Conclusion: Acupuncture can be of great benefit to menopausal women.





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